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With the HVV-App you always have your personal timetable information and your own ticket machine for all the different types of transport available in the Hamburg Public Transport Association (HVV) at your fingertips wherever you are.The HVV-App offers the following functions:- timetable information - departure times monitor- a ticket shop ( for the mobilTicket)- an overview of the surrounding area incl. all stops- a zoomable map of the network- switchh: additional mobility options
N.B..Remarks on giving access authorization with “Kontaktdaten lesen“:The HVV-App can take you directly to friends and acquaintances whose contact details you have entered in your address book: these contacts will be proposed by the auto-complete function. Choose a contact as start or destination and only the street, house number, postcode and town of the contact person will be sent to the background system for timetable information. It goes without saying that no further contact data will be transmitted. In order to be able to provide this service, the HVV-App needs access to your address book.
To use the timetable info and the departure time monitor and to buy a mobilTicket you need an active online connection, since the details you load are real-time updates. Once the mobilTicket has been completely downloaded, you no longer need an active online connection.
We regret that we cannot give any guarantee for the correctness or completeness of information.